Airport Travel Style What To Wear

Today I'm gonna be talking about airport travel style.

Airport Travel Style

Alright, so let's get right into it airport travel style. This is one of my most requested articles because if you're following me on Instagram, I travel a lot for work for fun. And you guys always asked me what to pack for a trip, what to wear to the airport, how to travel comfortably, but still in style.

So this article is going to break down some of my outfits that I wear for the airport. First off for airport style is the suit now, the suits probably not the first thing you think of to wear when you're traveling.

But this is really great if you're going for work. And if you need to go to a meeting like right as you land.

And so having a suit with you, you're very prepared. You're going straight to the meeting straight to wherever you need to be, and wearing the suit means that you're not going to lose your luggage. So for me, I've done this a few times, I will highly recommend this if it's a really short trip. So usually like an hour, two hours, anything maybe less than three to four hours, I recommend just wearing the suit then you don't have to worry about getting to the hotel switching your outfit. This is the kind of outfit that people usually see people on work trips, you know, they're ready to go in the morning airport, right out of the gate, you're heading straight to the meeting. So you want to look sharp in your suit. And when it's just a few hours, it's really not so bad.

So a suit looks really sharp at the airport and at the same time you'll be ready to go for the shoes of the suit outfit at the airport. I usually prefer loafers, because obviously it's very easy you can just slip right in and out of the shoes. You don't have to worry about lacing your shoes, putting them back on at the security checkpoint. These are super easy to slip right on and off. And another tip for airports if you're in America, of course. Like TSA precheck all those extra security things really helps getting through the security checkpoint a lot easier. Some of them you don't even have to take off your shoes. So that's another bonus. But again, this is just another pair of sharp shoes that every guy should have. And it's extra important extra useful when it comes to airport travel style. Second airport travel is the sharp casual look. Now here is an unconstructed blazer but this look we're going off of the suit looks just a little bit more comfortable, more effortless. This blazer is aligned so it's really comfortable and almost feels like a light jacket, like a light sweater. And that's the key about this kind of blazer. It is light and is comfortable, just another layer to keep you comfortable on the fly and you can move around with no problem.

Now for the bottom of the outfit. Instead of wearing the dress pants and the suit. I like to wear some blue dark denim jeans and this is another load that you can kind of wear straight off the airport to your destination. You can start doing something, get lunch, get coffee, whatever it is. And to finish off this second look I like to go with a pair of low cut sneakers. These are from Tom brown specifically but you can work this with anything from commerce to vans, the common projects, any pair of white sneakers I think will do really great with this kind of travel style.

You know, some airports are really big so you're walking around a lot and then you're on a flight so you want to be comfortable, you don't want to wear boots or shoes that are too tight for your feet. sneakers are really great. Again, I think sneakers like this are like low cut, very easy to like slip in and out. So another great bonus for travel style. Overall the look is very sharp. You can go straight from the airport to go hang out. And of course you can pair this outfit with a dress shirt or t-shirt. I usually just wear a T shirt because a T shirt is more comfortable. And if it gets too warm, I can just take off my jacket and layer and still be comfortable on the flight. The last outfit of the airport style is the hood And sweatpants look now the hoodie and sweatpants though this part by far my favorite. Of course it's the most comfortable one. And I usually wear this if I'm doing flights that's like six hours seven, eight like anything beyond that I usually just go full on sweatpants. Or if I know that I can get in and have enough time to go change, get comfortable. I usually like to wear these with me.

Number one, of course, it keeps me comfortable and keeps me nice and warm. And two, usually the sweatpants are the heavier items in my luggage. So by wearing it, it's not as heavy in my luggage. So I have room for other things in my luggage. Now I have a lot of hoodies in my closet but one of my favorites is this one that you guys have seen probably. This is from Polo Ralph Lauren. This one is special because I got my initials on it.

LC a little bit, something more personable, and I really like this print because it's a little bit more upscale, more luxurious than just a plain black hoodie and I have a lot of different hoodies that I wear for travel. This is my current favorite for sweatpants. I always wear this pair of sweatpants from scotch and soda for like 2030 bucks. You want something that's a little bit more fit so you don't look baggy in when you're traveling. You can get a lot of different styles of sweatpants from Nike from Uniqlo even. There's a lot of options out there and I think black is a great color because it's really nice and minimal, keeps the look really sharp. And then over the years I've also upgraded my sweatpants. These are foam jeevanjee. I really like this because it brings out this designer look to airport style outfits. And what I like about this is the zipper so zippers are great when you're traveling so you can keep your phone, your wallet, anything like that secure in your pockets. And yeah, this is another great pair of sweatpants that really dress up an airport outfit.

Otherwise, you know that's just very casual gifts, a little bit more of a designer look to my outfit and I usually like to finish off the look by layering up with a leather jacket. And what I love about this as this is essential for me I always pack one for my trips. And this is usually kind of heavy in the luggage so I like to wear it will also love about it is again the zippers so for me when you're going through airport security wallet, chap say I just put it in my zipper pocket I'll take off my watch my phone, I put everything in my zipper before I get to the security belt.

So when it gets to I'm not like those guys like trying to take everything out of their pocket, they forgot the belt like they forgot all these things they have. I already put everything in my jacket, zipped it up and I take off my jacket put on the belt and then once it's through the belt I put it back on put all my things back. So a jacket like this is great with zippers so you can walk around without having worrying where everything is if it's in my pocket, if it's uncomfortable, so you want to fly you know you have these things on you and that's why I love this jacket and also With like flight temperatures, you can easily adjust by taking off this layer adding this layer to make yourself comfortable.

Overall it's a very casual comfortable look, you know, you just want hoodies and sweatpants. But it looks really sharp because I pair with a leather jacket and I usually work with my Jordans because Jordans are usually the more expensive item so I don't want to lose it in my carry or my luggage. So I like to just wear it just in case something gets lost. When I'm wearing it, it will get lost. Alright, last but not least, as an added bonus, I'm talking about the two bags I always carry with me when I travel. Now number one this is my camera tech gear backpack, and then my carry on luggage. The first one is my camera backpack.

So I've done an article on this like what's in my camera bag and what camera equipment I'm using. So I'll link that up there and also in the item description. This is my go to in case bag. I have my laptop, my camera lenses, all the equipment iPad headphones all kinds of stuff in here that I need for my trip and I love this because it has a lot of padding. So no matter how heavy This is, it is actually comfortable. It doesn't hurt me at all. And I know there's so much padding that keeps all my stuff really safe and then my carry on luggage. So when I carry on luggage, this is the classic romola in the aluminum case, I really love this one because this is like the classic, classic luggage. I was very fortunate that the brand gifted this to me because otherwise it's like 800 900 It is very expensive. There's a lot of brands out there now like a way to make luggage that makes similar ones.

And what I like about this, it's just very stylish. It's a very classy old school look and I wanted to make it more personable and more recognizable so I added my own stickers on the luggage. And here I typically put shoes and sneakers that are very valuable that do not want to move in one luggage. The carry on luggage to me is always like a just in case Insurance thing, just in case your main luggage is lost and you can't get it in time to carry on luggage I always carry like a few pairs of shoes that are very valuable that I do not want to lose. And then on the other side I packed like underwear, jeans, jacket or suits that I need to wear on this trip. And then of course that's more valuable I don't want to lose.

So that is kind of like the basis of what I usually pack with me on a trip and also, this is a really good breakdown of what I wear for airport travel stuff.