How To Backpack For Travel Like A Pro

Today I am going to show you how to backpack for travel.

Backpack For Travel

And that is special because I'm going on travel for four months and like to one and a half hours. So the travel itinerary is something like this. So we're spending three weeks in southern India, then going to Sri Lanka for one month and headed to the Philippines after that for a month and then headed to Nepal for roughly a month and then back into India for roughly three ish weeks. And then we'll do the northern part of that time. And now we're traveling to India. Like I said I'm stoked, but it's cool because I'm not as nervous as I was last time I went to Asia for four months I feel a bit more comfortable and at ease with with going away in terms of packing as well.

So I thought what better way to show you guys how I'm half for a four month trip.

Very long time away, then now because I've done it before I know what's good to take, I know what I like to have and want to don't. So though further ado, here it is. First things first the travel bag or with it every day, which means you need a good one. And this is I believe the Osprey farpoint 55 liter and I'm so happy with it. It is amazing. If you buy them, they're through Amazon, it gives me a little kickback. It helps me out a bit and it doesn't cost you anything extra. So I mean, if you're in the market for them, opening the bag guy, we have two bags of toiletries, basic things bug spray is extremely important. This is just a bag of sunscreens and soaps sunscreen in that part of the world is actually pretty expensive compared to here. So it's always good to bring like a bottle or two.

Next is the first aid kit. always gotta bring it have some Tylenol, some antiseptic pads, some Toms and also some Imodium. I also bring wet wipes these are awesome just for keeping clean when you don't have a shower accessible area of jeans always just for bike rides stuff like that a windbreaker for when it gets rainy and then some garbage bags just cuz and this is super important it's actually my my identification, my IDs, photocopied and stuff so I always keep that in the bottom of my bag just for I mean in case something goes wrong, I always have it there. Next up is the sleeping bag liner. This is awesome for if you're in a hospital and the bed sheets aren't very nice. You can just throw this in super, super thin and it gives you an extra layer mosquito net for all of your mosquito needs bag cover for if it rains super handy especially in that part of the world with travel towel and this is also a must it dries extremely quickly so you never have to throw a wet towel in your bag. So here is just socks and underwear and miscellaneous scarfs and stuff. I usually pack about six pairs of each and that does me well and here I have my shorts and hats bag, bringing one pair of swim shorts, two pair of swim shorts, one pair of athletic shorts and one pair of normal shorts. Then in terms of shirts, I like to bring 1234 just plain t shirts, and then one tank tops. I actually much prefer these t shirts over the tank tops just because I get burned pretty easily. So covering my shoulders, it's just one less thing to have to worry about. And then finally, I always bring one button up shirt that with a color. So you can either go out and dressy kind of dress up a bit nicer. Or my favorite thing is when you're on a boat ride or something you can throw this on, leave it on button over your shoulders. So that's basically it for my packing. Now I have to put all of that back in there. And I'll show you guys my electronics bag shortly. But other than that, I'm going to bring a one sweater this one one pair of sweatpants I'm wearing those on the plane and then two pairs of shoes, running shoes and sandals.

And now we talked electronics so I like to keep two bags with me these are just standard bags with like pull tabs to keep cords and cables organized and I'll use those for anything that like odds and ends. I guess I'm here. I got some sunglasses. I got a battery bank got the GoPro floaty handle I lost one GoPro in the water because I didn't have this so I always have this now and then to power adapters that's an important thing whenever you're traveling make sure that you have the proper adapter and also if you have a layover so I have a layover in Beijing. I'm bringing this travel adapter and then India uses these type D travel adapters. So I'm bringing one of each got four batteries for my Sony RX 105 which I'm recording this on. And this will be the only actual camera that I'm bringing, I mean other than a GoPro this will be the camera that I'm using for the trip. Over here we have ND filters which I'll touch on later. Actually I have a couple of the luggage locks which are super handy so you can lock your bags and zippers and stuff.

I highly recommend grabbing them and I really enjoy these ones with the cable specifically because they allow you to get in through zippers in small spaces as well as like hostel lockers. These are awesome. And inside the bag we've got the technology center so got my four terabyte external hard drive from Western Digital.

This thing's awesome enough to store all of the footage I take got my SD card holder, I bring a couple SD cards just to keep stocked up in case something goes wrong. I have my drone phone This is actually my sister's old phone but my iPhone five cannot fly the drone so I need to carry this one around with me. Then I have my DJI Mavic controller in this guy and the drone.

In this guy and with my Maverick these are the ND filters I use.

They're basically just sunglasses for your lens just pop these bad boys on the DJI Maverick camera and then you get a much cleaner shot. I will not fly my drone in sunny places without the these are honestly one of the best investments you can make if you have a drone. And over here I have a Vigo pro and my favorite mount ever which is the mouth mount. Just put that on there and you can carry it around in your mouth. And last but not least a bag cover.

Actually, I shouldn't say that last but not least is actually my passport you cannot leave home without it. If you watch my Asia vlogs you would have seen that that happened last time so I'm making sure that I have my passport and Mike has his I actually really enjoy having this passport holder though. It allows me to keep all of like my currency and stuff that I don't want to carry. And as I was setting all of this up to take the thumbnail picture, I realized I forgot to mention my laptop I travel with a 15 inch MacBook Pro. This is just a plain black case on it. And this computer could not be any better. I love it so much. I believe this is the 2013 version. And it's still at it's like a beast. It's fully SPECT out 2013 I do not need a new one right now.

So it's all backpacking ideas.

I hope you enjoy backpacking tricks and some ideas.