Made Painting With Foods

Today's article we're going to try to follow along with a Bob Ross tutorial, but using putting instead of paint.

Made Painting With Foods

I have not named but I'm gonna go ahead and say that we're already off to an odd start I've just On a hunch.

I've done a few of them. This is actually a combination of like I bought kits twice because it was the best way to get more of the brushes, but it does have a lot of good supplies in it. So here's the idea. We're going to choose a Bob Ross painting that we want to follow along with on YouTube. Okay, then we're going to follow along but instead of using oil based paints like I have in the box, and like the videos recommend, we're going to use pudding coloured with food colouring. The idea today is simple. We're going to follow along with the tutorial from a Bob Ross video, but rather than using the oil paint that he usually uses, we're going to try to use food colouring and pudding to see if we can make a masterpiece. I think Rosanna pansino did this with frosting. And I've seen a lot of other interesting takes on Bob Ross painting before I think john was jazza has done a few different versions like listening but not seeing the instructions and stuff like that. We're going to be viewing it watching it. But putting is not the same soil paint, it's different consistency. I don't know how close we're going to be able to get the colours. 

Okay, and I've no clue if the traditional wet on wet style, which lets the paints blend together really nicely. We'll work it all with pudding. So whatever we end up with is going to be a bit of a fun mystery. I bet it's going to be a lot better tasting than any other Bob Ross painting. So yeah, we've got all these pudding cups, we've got a good collection of jell colourings, okay, as well as I've got a few more here, including white and black, white may or may not be able to do anything to be rather opaque pudding, but we'll give it a shot I think.

Okay, so should we start with just mixing some colours.

Let's start by getting our canvases set up and then choosing the video we want. And in every video of course, he tells you which colours you're going to need. Okay, I can mix up our colours.

Perfect. I'm just gonna done. Okay, I'm set. So we are all set up in our new art studio. I'm starting out with cutting a duct tape circle, because Bob Ross told me to,

I have no duct tape circle on mine. What I am just going to start doing is something very common is an entire coating of white over the entire canvas, very, very thin, like as thin as I can put it on there. And the other paints are supposed to blend with that. Now, with oil paints, they take days or weeks to completely dry. Pudding probably doesn't take that long. But I'm going to try it anyway, just pretending that these pudding paints are the same as oil paints. So we're going to try it out. But yeah, my first step is I'm just going to put a very thin layer of white over the whole thing and I'm just going to start following you instructions and see what kind of results I can get.

I think this is my son for the sunset, I have a problem is the painting that I chose, unfortunately is supposed to start out with a yellow canvas and I'm not starting out with a yellow canvas. So the colours will be a little bit off, but that's okay. I think a lot of this is going to be off in some way. So we're trying to make colours that are going to approximate everything that we're doing. Right now. I'm just trying to make the cleanest white. I can titanium white, the opacity of the pudding is not wanting to work with it. Everything I ever learn in my pink classes was don't use black for shadows.

It actually works.

Well, Bob Ross didn't use a heat gun in his paintings weird. It's working though. It's actually working. Okay, I will get it my yellow base canvas.

Glad that he says things like in your world. You can put clouds wherever you want because my clouds are not looking like his clouds. Partly it's lack of practice. I think at some point Bob Ross said he estimated he had painted like 30 to 40,000 paintings in his lifetime. I have not so I don't have his level practice. Plus, he wasn't using pudding. So you know, everyone's got a different things. All studio smells like. You're welcome. If you have ever tried to follow along with a Bob Ross painting, you may have noticed that he's a lot faster than than you can paint. And there's a few reasons for that. One is years and years and years and years practice two is an ideal setup where everything is right where he wants it but three is he's actually using it's got like five of every brush, ready to go right in front of him. And so if he needs to just grab a clean brush, he can just grab one he doesn't have to clean it off although you see him cleaning his brushes quite often, but partly it's that he already has clean brushes. And you know, they might even be fairly new so they're like they you know, they haven't always found out like this one has here. So he does have some advantages. The biggest advantage is just massive amounts of practice but equipment is another one in the official Bob Ross brand brushes are not super cheap. They're not like way more expensive than other paint brushes, but they aren't the cheapest brushes. One advantage of putting It's definitely cheaper than oil based paints. All right, trying the mountains with the palette knife this is gonna be a thing.

This is putting as much thinner than the paint you're supposed to use for Bob Ross style.

Okay, I'm coming up on what I was kind of most afraid of in this whole process. He's got a very interesting way of applying snow to mountains that involves just casually, very lightly dragging a palette knife with coloured paint over other paint and when he does it, the He breaks and just sticks in little tiny spots and leaves this very, very organic, very natural looking dispersion for all the all the mountains, all the snow on the mountains. And if the texture of the paint is completely off, it may not quite work out the same way. So I'm a little nervous about this. I'm going to give it a shot. Don't have really high hopes for it looking very good. But I'll try it anyway. Hey, it worked. Oh my gosh, that works. It's not amazing, but it's way better. All right, you can paint with pudding and get it to break on the mountain.

All right now I'm doing something that if you've ever done or even watched a Bob Ross painting he does, and he'll get to this point where he like has mostly finished painting. And then he's like, and now we're going to add a tree to the middle of it. And it's terrifying that one just like, okay, I'll just draw a giant, dark streak across my painting that I've been working on for a while now. There's my tree. I see you just did one very similar.

I've never seen a Bob Ross painting like this before, which is one of the reasons I thought was like, interesting. I'll do that. It's looking a little bit more Van Gogh than I would have thought.

It's gonna second trees got a friend.

He made me do three Nate.

It's pretty scary. All right, so our painting or the approximation of art finished So this wasn't a normal looking Bob Roth painting to begin with, but I actually really love it like, up close. I don't like it but from right here, okay. And I think Nate you pointed out, you wouldn't know that these are made out of pudding.

I am very surprised at how much it looks like paint. I did not see that coming I thought it was going to be way more muddled and washed out. This worked pretty well. And, and even like the the blending techniques of the wet on wet, worked pretty well with pudding. So I'm quite happy with this. I added a few trees that he didn't have because I did a bad job of like, getting everything the same scale. So I've just had this white bought, so I threw a few trees on he would, I'm sure have approved. The biggest issue with using pudding is that actually some of the white isn't holding its colour.

So I actually went in and added a little bit more snow in the mountains because it started turning transparent. Same with my little waterfalls down here. You can sort of see it started to mix a little bit with the blue behind it and they're just starting to turn green. Putting is not as opaque. As white paints so it's not a perfect medium, but it worked pretty well and that's a painting made of pudding.