Remove Rust Using Kitchen Pot

Today I am going to show you how to remove rust on iron using a kitchen pot.

Remove rust using kitchen pot

A friend of mine wants to give me a gift couple thousand of these screws, bolts, nuts and washers is a very nice gift because with them I can fill up all the boxes here in the shop. Unfortunately he kept all these parts under the rain for about five years. So you can see that they are all covered of rust and there are no more usable. So I need to find a way to remove rust but there's a way I'm going to clean them one by one I need to build a machine that can do it for me.

So let me grab something the kitchen and build it follow me for a couple of minutes to show you what's in my mind.

Okay, let's start first of all they can be this is a kitchen pot and using a marker I can mark three dots that are equally distance from each other this way on this dots I want to drill holes so I choose these very good quality three bits and I started inside my drill. Because the pot is stainless steel is a very good idea. Just keeping the RPMs of the motor variable Very low, and also putting a little drop of oil on the surface. So after a few minutes, this is the result holder, all the holes are done. And now I can take a spring and two bolts, I have to connect them together so I push it very, very strongly. And this is the first screw that fits inside. I repeat the procedure also here on the left.

And finally we got this spring with two nuts, bolts here on the sides. I repeat the procedure three times and I can then install them on the bottom part of the boss this way, as you can see is a very precise fit. And now I can secure them using three knots from the inside of the box. Yes, so I put it here. And because this after later on with starts to shake and vibrate is also a very good idea to put a little drop of superglue on the nuts. You can see that the springs now are very, very strong and sturdy.

So let's take something else in this case these are you Yum cake container here Intel is very, very common because I don't know maybe Italian people love to make cakes with this shape, I want to align the parts together very, very precisely.

So a little trick is used this, this is a very, very special marker because inside there is liquid choke. And so I can transfer the markings very easy. So I paint all the top parts of the screws, in this case green. And I can then apply some pressure here on the aluminum container once I'm sure that everything is aligned, very good. And now I can see very clearly the dots of this truth. So this green dot tell me that here I have two real hope. So let me take again the drill with the drill bit Mr installed and drill hole, three holes here on the dots. So this is the result. And now just to make sure that everything I've done until now works okay. Let me align finally the parts. So be for fixing place securely the top part container with three knots I took it apart because I want to make something else I'm talking about a structure. In this case a wood board works great where I can mount a little motor I trace the shape of the inner part of the container and then with a soul it's just a matter of a few seconds to get away the parts. You can see now the parts I cut it a little bit larger because I want that fits here without falling outside later on. I will also glue it with some hot glue.

Now I took this this is a forstner bit I choose one pretty big so that they can drill a hole here in the middle. Inside this whole I want to mount a little motor in this case a choose this one that was I took it apart from M foot massager. You can see that on the front there is a weight This is an unbalanced weight, which means that once the motor starts to spin, it will also shake and create a create an auto vibration. I can then glue the motor in place, paint everything in black. You can see now that was the most starts to spin we already got a little bit of vibration, it will spin much faster I guarantee you, I can then mount again the parts together and secure them using some hot glue from behind. Don't be just be generous. Just be generous with the glue the glue because this will shake and move across the three other two holes one on the top and one on the side so I can pass through these cables. This is a positive and negative lead cable we have got 12 volts that goes directly to the motor so I soldered the cables to the motor this way I can I mount everything again together make sure that the cables are a little bit close so they can move freely.

Now I took these six containers they have quartz stone, this stone is pretty hard. So we work like an abrasive This is a very good choice because I want to remove rust from metal. You can also use it to just Polish pieces pieces or good parts. Anything later on. I will show you So fill the container not to the top but just halfway and turn on the monitor. You can see now the tomato starts to spin but for unfortunately, nothing is happening probably is just because the motor is too small, or maybe I put too much stone, I think is the first problem the motor is very, very small and also the weight isn't so heavy.

So I want to replace the motor with a much bigger one. In this case, this old kitchen mixer that cuts fruit or vegetables works great inside we have much bigger motor and I want to replace this plastic year with much bigger lads circle this will be much more heavier. And also this one you can see that these unbalanced so you can spin it and we'll also create a lot of vibration to the system. So it's just a matter of replacing the motors making a bigger hole where I can sell the motor inside.

So this is the result bigger model I can plug in the current and then the water starts to spin we have got finally vibration. You can see that all the container is vibrating very strongly and also the stones are moving. You can see that they are moving in a clockwise direction and it has a very, very fast movement.

Now just for a test I will drop inside. A lot of components quite rusty bolts, nuts and washers. We're going inside the stones. Let's start with a big bolt. This you can see that a couple of seconds is already under the stones and the stones will continue to move against it so that will rub away the rest. I decided to keep the machine on for about four hours. This is a long time but I want to have very nice result. Consider that in this time we also creating a very fine powder. This is quartz powder and this we get also inside threads of the bolts in of the screws. This will clean all the rough away. Consider the fuse machine isn't only used for taking away rust but is also used for polishing parts for example, would make it all shiny as moved or plastic parts you can print with your 3d printer.

So it's very cool to watch all the stones spin around. And after two four hours, this is the result. We got a very fine quartz powder on the top. Let me remove it with the finger. You can see that now the surface is nice and shiny. If before this was just a garbage piece you can throw away now looks particularly and also all the other components. I can use a brush to remove the pink powder and you can see that the bolt is perfectly shiny and smooth. It looks like almost he came out from shop. So let's see how it was before and after.

The screw is pretty amazing result before was just a piece of junk and now is amazing. Also this one it was pretty big.

Remove rust using kitchen pot

Took only four hours and Now it looks like new.

While friends it looks amazing check out the result I can feel it by finger by touch is much smarter. And I can see that it's shiny here and cleaner. I put close to it the sister This is the same screw but how looks like at the beginning, you can see that was much, much thicker layer of rust. How this has to be thrown also in the machine, I can clean it also, I can also solve all the problems of the upcoming screws for my friends. So I throw them in let the machine do the job for me and they came out clean. Consider that the machine stays on for about four hours, which is a very long time. But I checked out I checked the screws also at halftime. Two hours and nearly two hours all the rest went away. I decided to cap them in just to see how shiny is most where the sirt the finish up pretty, pretty happy like this. So I had a little bit of problems with the mortar you So you see that the first motor I put was too small or maybe the stones were too heavy for this motor. So I have to swipe it with the bigger one I chose one that was from a mixer.

Unfortunately the lead weight that they put on top was too heavy and the motor in the first hour becomes very, very hot. I thought it was almost gumming to break so I want to make the disc a little bit lighter. To do this, I use my drill drill some holes. Now the lead this is much smaller, much lighter, the motor can spin faster and this works okay so the problem you can see now the machine is now there. I will keep it here in the shop because bringing that home makes a lot of noise. I have cats and then went crazy when this machine turned on. You can also use this machine not only for moving rats, which is a very, very intense job for the machine, but also just for polishing parts. This machine is used also in industries for cleaning pieces. And if you are used to print parts with your 3d printer, you can use this machine to make the surface motor and cleaner. So if you know well if you print parts with the 3d printer you can see that the surface isn't perfectly smooth for you we have here like wrinkles and lines.

So if you throw it inside them, the machine you can make those more things shine. So it's a very nice suggestion also for for us as well. We love 3d printing.

So I hope you enjoy the project let me know if you want to do the same project.