Travel Notebook Wallet How To Make?

Today I am going to show you how to make a travel notebook wallet and also share a flip through traveler's notebook wallet. In fact, this pocket notebook is carried anywhere.

How To Make Travel Notebook Wallet

Travel Notebook Wallet

I'm so glad you're here with me today. I had so much fun creating a traveler's notebook that this time I created a wallet and I can't wait to show you.

For supplies you're going to need to millimeter elastic cord fall leather eyelids eyelid to center crocodile, scrapbook paper and cardstock scissors, bride of your choice it is optional mod podge super tight fabric tack adhesive foam brush and owl inkpad terms of your choice in a round corner punch. So let's get started. The first step will be to cut cardstock scrapbook paper and your fall leather with a dimensions of five and a quarter by eight inches. You will round each corner of each piece. I have included the template with the dimensions in the description box below. Now turn your fall leather face down Put cardstock over and start gluing the cardstock onto the fall leather with the fabric tack adhesive.

With a ruler or a credit card and make sure you don't have any air pockets and smooth it out completely. Now this tip is completely optional. I wanted to embellish my wallet so I pierced in the lower right hand corner of the wallet, a little hole and I inserted a Brad.

Now I did add a piece of scotch tape to that Brad. Now I'm going to put mod podge all over that white cardstock distributed evenly because that's where you'll be placing your scrapbook paper.

You might want to keep a rank handy just in case you have a mess. Once you've put all the modpodge now you have placed your scrapbook paper over. Now in case you're wondering, I did decide to change my scrapbook paper pattern at the last minute and completely smooth it out with a ruler or a credit card to make sure you have no air pockets. Now for the fun part you will put mud posh over that scrapbook paper. You allow it to dry and apply a second coat.

My wallet is completely dry now so this is optional. I decided to ink the edges. I wanted an aged leather look. So I use a brown ink and I am going to ink all around the wallet.

Now to seal off those edges, I will use a little bit of mud Polish with a smaller brush and place it around the entire wallet.

The next step will be to place your template over the wallet and you will pierce those holes with an owl. Remember that template is in the description box below. There'll be an easy guide for you to know where those eyelids will be going. Now when they crop it down, pierce through as well make your holes and you will insert your nice tent mitt this material is thicker, so you would need to make sure that your eyelids are fully set. I decided to use my eyelid setter because I feel like the hammering it's much more secure. Now to insert the cord make sure the inside wall pacing you will have a long strip of cord, you will insert it on both ends. Now you will loop it back out towards both ends and that center cord you have to put it through again so you will loop it back into the same eyelet on the top and then that bottom cord also again on the same Island. That center eyelids you will have like another loop going in.

Now turn it around and loop it back in.

The same goes in the bottom.

Now you would tie it up you should have a total of four cords for four inserts. Make sure you tie it up nice and sturdy for it to fit your inserts.

Now for the center chord you will create a loop put both in, you could help yourself a toothpick on the previous screen. You could also do the same if you needed help just use a toothpick to help you insert the court. Now tie it up. It should be the length of the bottom of the wallet. I added a little extra like a thumb in case I wanted the wallet to be a little bit chunkier thicker. Now tie at the end. You could also burn off the edges with a little match so it won't fray. And this is the final wallet. Here's my company At wallet I did add a tassel and a charm with lobster class they already came with that so I just clipped it through the wallet. I love the way it looks.

Flip Through Traveler's Notebook Wallet

Flip Through Traveler's Notebook Wallet

We're going to go through the flip through of the finish wallet.

I'm so excited the way this came out I really really loved the way that is so functional and it's totally customized to my needs.

So here I added a little composition book this mini composition book, you can locate it at $1 tree in your local dollar tree. If you want to create one of your own, Just follow the steps above.

This little book will be great for my journaling my notes, I am a woman of faith so I like to write down some prayers as well. So this will come in handy if I am out and about and I have something in mind I just want to write it down. This will be specifically for that book. There's plenty of writing space. I added some scripture cards in the back side and on the other side with a paperclip.

And I also have a second little book and it says like a boss that burned paper. Clip I bought that at Michaels in case you are interested. This book will be used specifically for grocery lists. I tend to forget sometimes I am a busy mom of three. So this will help me stay a little more organized.

I inserted some tags as happy as they you know, sometimes grocery shopping can be a chore, hey, it is for me. So I also put another little tag with an elephant that says I almost forgot that coffee cup clip is also from Michaels.

So I'm excited that I could use these books as lists. And here I added a pocket adhesive this pocket adhesive is from Target. I will be inserting my appointment cards for my kids. And there is a tag in there that I put it says you are precious to me.

Now I had to cut down the appointment cards a little bit because they didn't fully fit but that's okay as long as the information is in there. I'm perfectly fine with that. Here I inserted my gift cards. Sometimes I'm bad. I go out shopping and I forget my gift cards. I know So I said, Okay, well, this will keep me organized. And when I'm out and about, I can use them. And there you'll see it. And there is an extra elastic cord at the end that I'm not fully sure what I'm going to use it for yet.

I think this wallet will be evolving as I go along. And I'm thinking of creating a pocket for receipts.

And I hope you'll create one of your own.

This wallet is so cute.

It looks great in my purse, trust me I was like ecstatic when I finished it.