Travel Tips For Hotels

Today I am sharing travel tips for hotels. These tips are really helpful for you when you travel for a long time.

Travel Tips For Hotels

Some of these hotel travel tips will be tricks and they will help you be prepared before you even pack for your vacation. Whether you commute to work on an airplane or if you are a leisure traveler staying in a hotel, these hotel tips are going to help you be prepared for an emergency and give you some tips and tricks and travel tricks to help you while you were on your trip.

One of the hotel tips that a reader told me about is to point a shoe or your pair of shoes near the closest stairwell if there is a fire in the middle of the night and the hallways are filled with smoke or anytime during the day. If you have those shoes pointed towards the nearest stairwell that will help you know which way to go in a hurry when you're not thinking at your full capacity.

Another travel tip is to take command strips if you're staying in an Airbnb or a hotel and you need more towel hooks or mating suit hooks you could take some command strips, throw them away when your vacation is over. My friend is on his way home so I want to write this for you before he gets here. This hotel trick or hotel tip is great for a beach location. It is a travel clothesline and it is about four feet long five feet long.

And the great thing I know about this after I've done research on them is you want ties because you don't want hooks because you're not necessarily going to have a shower hook or a door to hang them on. But these will go around door knobs and they will curve around anything. There's a stretchy kind of like those Wicky sticks that restaurants give kids and this does unwind all the way so you can stretch it to whatever shape you want it to be.

One travel tip that you can do in a pinch is to boil water. Water in your coffeemaker or on the tea kettle and pour it over your clothes in the sink. Another idea is that mine has not arrived from Amazon yet but they're tied. One of my items just came from Amazon. So I wanted to pop in here and I am not making my bed today.

So we're just write article right here.

But for a hotel room tip you can order tide sink packets for travel and their little bitty packets. You get three packets of actual liquid tide detergent, and it's not a super smelly tide detergent. And the way the film or whatever that's left on your fingers and your clothes, it's very clean feeling like when I use wool light in my house, I have that film on my clothes I probably use too much will light in my sink but you can also use it in the bathtub of your hotel room. Great for quick washes in there really slim and will save space in your liquids back. They do have to go in your liquids bag because they're liquid enough other items that a reader told me about and I ordered them you use one sheet and it goes from the washing machine to the dryer and has a fabric softener in it.

Now my reader told me to use pure eggs and they were sold out on Amazon so I bought some from Amazon called wash ease and I can recommend them. The smell is really really strong and I'm very picky about strong smells. I don't like them, they usually give me a headache. This one doesn't give me a headache but it's super strong so you've got to keep it in a plastic bag. And be careful if you order on Amazon. I thought that you only get one sheet so I ordered two and it comes with like 20 so now I have 40 sheets of three in one dryer sheet. Three in One laundry sheets. These would be great if you're staying in an Airbnb or in Europe when you need to wash your clothes halfway through your trip and your Airbnb has a washing machine and dryer. It would be awesome.

If you haven't seen an article about what not to forget when you travel to Europe Be sure to check the icon above or in the comment section below. Alright, let's keep going. When I travel I do not take all of my makeup brushes but I do like to take certain ones and when you are in a hotel room a travel trick is to use their pay per cup to store your brushes in. You can also use the glass cup that's in the bathroom to store your makeup brushes. But when we were in a hotel in Paris, the cleaning lady took my brushes out of the glass cup and put them all out on a wash rag which I thought was so smart. And you can also lay out your brushes on a towel like a hand towel on the ironing board of the hotel room. If you do forget to take your toothbrush you know that hotel staff will give you one if you need it. A trick is if you have forgotten a container to protect your toothbrush from dirt at a hotel room. You can turn that paper cup that's in the hotel room.

Sat down and poke a hole through it with your toothbrush and it's like a toothbrush stand for you. Now my friend did this for us and took a picture for me, but he said that it was too thick of a cardboard cup to poke through with his toothbrush or this finger. So he suggests another hotel tip is to poke that hole through with a coat hanger.

One of my favorite travel tricks from my other movie is to use the hotel pants hanger to close the gap in between the two curtains so that the sun does not wake you up in the morning early before you've started your vacation day. Remember that the hotel staff is there to serve you. They care about your well being. If you do need something that costs money, yes, they're going to charge you because they're a business but they have your best intention in mind. So don't forget that you can ask them to help the hotel staff at the brand new Houston City place Marriott said that they had a guest one time who needed wood, a piece of wood cut down with a chainsaw. And so they were going to go to the store and get the chainsaw for him so that he could work on it in his room for some fishing thing he had to go to. They said that he ended up not needing it, but they were going to go get it for him and they were going to clean up the sawdust. I asked them so don't forget that you can ask them for help.

Another hotel tip that may be common sense is to ask this hotel staff where the best restaurant is for families or the best restaurant that's under $10. A person kind of place is near the air near the hotel. And then you can also ask or search on TripAdvisor and Pinterest.

As well as like if your plug or your charger is having a hard time staying in the outlet like it's loose. You can use that blue tape to help secure it to the wall. I thought that was really smart. While we're talking about the bathroom, I get a lot of questions on my travel tips articles that ask if razors are okay to travel with. They are totally okay; they are not seen as a weapon in whatever manner they can go in your carry on or your check suitcase. I did find this one recently for a mini travel razor. It's the Venus by Gillette brand and what I forgot about the Venus brand is that you don't have to use it so there's always this lotion II type stuff that makes it easy to use. And I will say if you have big fingers you will still be able to use this razor because it's got a rubber thumbprint and fingerprint right there that gives you a really good grip that you're not gonna lose it and scrape yourself and cut yourself.

The hotel staff at the brand new Houston city place Marriott told me that the two most often forgotten items that have to be mailed back to people are their electronic toothbrushes so don't forget those. And then also their phone chargers, like people want them back. They think it's more. I don't know, I would think it would be more expensive to have to pay for it to be mailed back to me rather than just go buy a new charger at this tour. But those are the two most forgotten and requested that they'd be mailed back to them items. I don't know if you knew this but at the Marriott in other hotels you can request what kind of pillows in some hotels you can request firm or soft. Like this Houston city place one.

You can request like foam, send a feather, or like a firm or regular kind of pillow, even if you travel for leisure, and this is going to be the only time you stay in this hotel, you may want to download the hotel's app. There are like airline apps that you can download. There are so many helpful hints and tips and things that the app can do for you that you may not know about. I love it when we get a hotel that we get to stay in that has the mobile check in and the mobile unlock your key door thing in the app itself. So when you land in your airplane, you would mobile check in and then when you get to the hotel, you don't have to talk to anyone in the lobby. You go up the elevator and to your room and then on the phone the app will unlock the door for you. You don't have to have a key card, anything like that.

One thing I will say that a lot of hotel staff do not like is when you talk on the phone in the lobby when they're trying to be professional with their honored guests that are there. And then also some of them will say Don't forget that you will have to show your credit card most times when you check out or something like that. Like a lot of guests think when you check into a hotel or buy your hotel room online that you've already paid for the room and then sometimes at the end they will ask you to okay how would you like to pay for that you have to pull out a credit card then too so don't be surprised or ticked off if that happens to you.

Another hotel tip for safety is to hang your Do Not Disturb on the doorknob while you're out for the day especially after the maid has done her services for you. And that way if a criminal is thinking about breaking into your room, they will think you are in there and they will skip your room. A lot of hotels are going to the key card entrance to unlock your door and then also to keep the electronics working or to save energy in their hotel so when you leave to go sightseeing all day, all the electricity is off in the room.

Including the air conditioning. And I know some people like to charge their phones while they're eating breakfast or something. Well, if you take your key card then you can't do that.

One travel tip for hotel rooms like that is to take a library card or an old gym member card and put that in the slot when you leave the room and at least you will have the electricity the air conditioning will be going and you can charge any devices that you might need. In Paris we stayed in a brand new hotel that was decorated beach themed even though it was in the middle of Paris. But it was so cool. They had ping pong tables right there in the lobby. It was glorious. They had those Pier One like the bucket chairs so fun.

And here's my travel tip.

If you are in a foreign city or like in Hawaii, for example, and you're you have to check out in the morning at 11am and then your plane does not leave until 10pm at night or you know six at night. You have that whole day after you've checked out of the hotel to go play in the city or ride the trains all day or go swimming somewhere, you don't want to take your suitcases.

So we found out that there is a service out there called nanny bag and they're in the United States as well as a lot of places in Europe. We were surprised and what you do is you will log into where you are, and they will find several choices for you around that area. Whatever is convenient for you and your family and how many bags you have. And they will store your suitcase for that day like $24 for the whole day. I can't remember what it was. It was affordable. And we took advantage of that there and I highly recommend it because once you've checked out of a hotel, they are not responsible for your bags. Like when you land at 9am you'd go and check into your hotel in Europe or somewhere and they will store your bags because you're now a guest but when you check out that's a different story.

They're done with you. So a nanny bag is a great option. I will link it down below too.

Okay, that's all the tips I have for you this time.