Ultraviolet Facemask How To Make?

Today I am showing you how to make ultraviolet facemask at home or your workshop.

How To Make Ultraviolet Facemask

So everything will start with a Plexiglas tube that costs only five bucks.

So lets Start,

I decided to use a transparent pipe This is Plexiglas so you can see better all the procedure of this project this measure five by 60 centimeters. With a marker, I can mark the middle part and on both sides at nine centimeters apart, I can mark two dots. On this dots, I can drill using a drill bit two holes. These holes will be used to mount the rubber bands so they can keep the mask on my face but later on you will understand better what I'm talking about. The idea is to ban the plexiglass pipe using a heat gun. Luckily for me, this isn't the first project I'm doing with Plexiglas. So I'm pretty sure that once they try to bend it, it will be squish here in the middle and the airflow will be too much restricted and will not work anymore.

So the solution to avoid the restriction of the plexiglass is to you take some foam This is a pillow from a chair folded around like make like a sausage and put it in the middle part of the tube. This will solve the problem of the squishing of the pipe and airflow will be non stop.

Let's take now ahead from the mannequin. Security are on my workbench so it is much heavier and I can work. I can heat up evenly with my heat gun, all the pipe. This took some time it took me around eight minutes to heat it up evenly. And now I'm making sure to put it in the right position exactly on the nose and on the mouth of the mannequin, I can press security, the Pete the Plexiglas pipe on the face, the face of the making is a bit small compared to my head. I'm a very big man who weighs more than hundred kilos. So I make sure to keep it a little bit wider. So that also my big head can fit inside the mask later on. I can remove now the pillow. I'm pretty happy on the result I can clearly see the shape of the nose, the mouth and the cheeks. So let's see now if this fits also around my head.

And yes, there are no problems the idea of keeping it a little bit wider. It works Now let's trace a rough shape of my nose and mouth. And now we'll take you much more here I traced exactly the shape of my nose and the mouth. On this pink line, I can use small treats real and Camille to cut away their Plexiglas and cutaway open the parts where I can fit my nose and my mouth. Be careful, don't scratch the Plexiglas, remove the sharp parts solid and cut my mouth and using a metal five, I make a few rounds so it's much more comfortable.

The mask right now is very long. So I mark the point here, where there are my ears using my band so I can cut away the excess of the maximum. Be careful Don't throw away the excess of these plastic plexiglass tubes because later on I will use them to make air filter for this mask as well. You can clearly see now the mat is becoming smaller, which means it's lighter and also more comfortable to wear.

So I bought on Amazon these two LED strips this LED is our UV light. Unfortunately in the year you cannot really see the power for the brightness of these LDS. But I guarantee you in real life are very, very bright. So let's take them take them open, remove the bottom caps where there's also the connector I will use it later and also take apart the inner strip where the LEDs are mounted. These are mounted on aluminum base, which works and I can hit sync and it's very easy to bend it because I want to put them inside the mask so I can use my fingers is very, very soft banded and make a round shape so that they can insert it inside the mask. In this case I'm working with the parts like way earlier just because he's a test piece. I don't want to scratch my mask so make sure that everything fits perfectly before putting inside the mask. You can clearly see that the LED is now that are in a round shape are much more powerful because all the entities lights are pointing in the same direction. So it's so bright that also the marker becomes like a lightbulb.

So I can install the LED strips in both ends of the mask one the right one the left. And now let's take something differently. I'm talking about this DC fans this has a diameter of five centimeters, which means it will be can be mounted inside the inner tube. without problems I don't even have to use glue to keep it in place. It's just the friction fit is so precise. So push it with the fingers until I reach the LED strips and push it one inch more in the bottom. So in this little space, I will install the filter later on.

Let's take the connector I took apart from the LCDs and I can do it here on the bottom part one on the right and one on the left and use disconnected the power up both the fan and the LED strips. So using a soldering iron I can secure the cables together. Now let's take the original USB cable this will be like in this power bank. This power bank has two outputs which means it's very important because they can then power on with only one power bank both the fans and off the LED strips so I connect the cables and here we are, this is the result the fan spins very well and I can clearly feel the airflow coming out from the mouth opening I made here. I then can cover everything for static reason with some black tape and this is how it looks like. At this point. Let's take a rubber band. I will use this to secure the mask to my face to my head. And remember the two holes we made at the beginning these holes are made to keep in place this court I will come Later on, I will use only a couple inches of this just to stitch it in place the rubber band, I will use needle to do this and so the rubber band into the cables Okay, so this is the result and I can click I can mount it in my head without problems or anything. Let's take the remaining parts of the Plexiglas Dubai cup at the beginning and put it on a mask.

Cover the mask around the plexiglass and secure it with some electrical tape. These are the filters that helps me to filter the air more. So our mountain This is also friction feeds are inside.

Okay, let me take away the mask.

This is how it looks like how to make it you see how to make it. I think that UV light can really solve the problem. I don't know I really need also your advice about it because I'm not an expert. I'm an expert of building things, but I'm not an expert about bacteria and virus. And I think it works because UV light interacts with bacteria and virus in a very, very interesting way it doesn't kill them. It just stopped them them the possibility to replicate multiplicate themselves. So if the virus pass through the UV light and gets into my mouth, that virus is still alive but cannot multiplicate itself so I don't get sick. That's it okay. You also use UV light probably also in your house you don't even know it because it's used inside water pipes there isn't very interesting filter that is inside the water and kill all the bacteria and the virus into the water. Use also the same thing in aquarium to clean up the water or in pond to kill the bacteria from the pond. And also surgical equipment are thoroughly sterilized by UV light. Also, tattoo gun from tattoo artists are clean with the same metal So I'm pretty sure that you relied can sterilize fins.

The only thing is that I put, I don't know if two strips of LED are enough to kill the virus to stop the virus, I probably I should cover all the mass with LCDs but this is too much energy consuming for a small power bank. And another solution can be just to slow down the airflow inside the mask putting like a maze made of plexiglass so the air pass inside this maze and have to pass all around and the UV light have enough time to peel and stop the virus inside. I don't know I'm I don't want to patent this thing. I just want to share with you this because I think everything can be helpful for everybody.

Okay, I hope you got inspiration from this project.