Backpacking Tips For Girls Traveling Alone

Backpacking Tips For Girls Traveling Alone

Today I want to talk about backpacking and traveling alone and tips and tricks you can do to improve your travels, especially as a girl alone because that can be pretty. And I don't think it's scary, but I think it can be pretty and scary for parents probably.

So it's good to have to follow some rules and guidelines to make sure that you will be safe. When I finished high school.

I started backpacking right away, I went to New Zealand by myself, travelled around there for a couple of months and I went to Australia and later the Philippines. To be honest, I didn't plan at all, I didn't watch this kind of YouTube video and didn't read any articles about tips for a girl traveling alone, which I probably should have done.

And so I'm going to tell you my tips and you can learn from my mistakes. Are you tired of school, and I just wanted to get out of a booked trip to New Zealand all by myself three days later, I just went away, didn't know where I was going, what I was going to do there. I didn't book any places to stay on any buses or flights or anything except that one way ticket to New Zealand, which I think is a great way of traveling, I wouldn't have experienced everything I have experienced if I didn't do it that way.

And it's a great way of just going with the flow and letting great things happen. But you should take care and here are some of my tips. So a lot of different hospitals around the world have rooms only for girls so you can actually and book you can choose if you want to stay with five people or two people or something like that, and you can choose if you want to have mixed male and female or just girls. I didn't. I don't know. I just always took the mixed thing and which I learned later. not such a good idea.

Another tip is also to ask when you go to the hotel to book your nights to ask if you can go and see the room if you want to stay away guys and girls, just to see what kind of people you're going to stay with for a few days because you don't know these people they are from all over.

Some of them are pretty weird people. I was in Australia and I stayed at this horrible hostel. I didn't check it beforehand. I just booked like for five nights or something. And I figured out I was sharing it as a five person room. I thought it was going to limit a lot of people. I don't think that's better than just being with one person. Turns out there was only one guy in there he was like 40 late in the late 30s. He has stayed there for like one year really freaky guy. So that was very uncomfortable. I just spent my entire day out and only got back at night where I went to sleep one night when I stayed there. He woke me up in the middle of the night and said he wanted a cut off.

So it ended up with me sleeping on the beach by myself. not such a good idea. So I recommend staying in an all girls room, or at least checking out what kind of room you're getting before you actually pay for it. I was insanely lucky on my travels. It seems like I'm pretty naive. I'm actually not, it's just I'm always alert but I choose to think the best of people. I don't know what I was thinking but I always didn't. I just want to believe in the best in strangers. So I left like my MacBook on my bed when I went out. I didn't have a locker for my backpack. I sometimes even left my passport just in the bed and headed out when I was sharing a boom with five other people. Everyone else I was staying with has a mess along my travels that I have either lost like a passport, phone, their MacBook, just jewelry and a lot of stuff. I didn't lose one thing, not one thing I've stolen from me.

So I would recommend having a locker for your backpack or suitcase. But I would also have copies of it in your purse and wallet and in your suitcase or backpack.

Just because that's the most important thing you got with you on your travels. Maybe when you are out backpacking you want to go to bars and clubs and all of that I wasn't so into that, but maybe you are and then I want you to take care if you know you're gonna have to find a way home by yourself if you have to walk or take a cab, don't get drunk. This is just a vt idiotic people take advantage of young pretty girls traveling by themselves that are drunk at night Home Alone walking. No, just don't put yourself in that situation.

It can turn out really bad and you're gonna regret it forever. I'm really lucky. Nothing like that has ever happened to me, but just take care.

Get friends with someone in your hostel or something that you can walk with home, get some girlfriends that you can sleep over at their place or something like that.

Another thing that I would recommend if you're traveling alone is to tell people where you're heading next. I didn't know one single person on an entire continent when I first got there. And I knew it would be hard to update everyone at home all the time and tell the same stories over and over again and all of that. So what I did was, I started a blog and I always told them where I was going and what I was doing well, if something were to happen, people would know where I was at least.

Another important thing that you should do is to have all your important documents on your mail so you can access it from any computer if you get lost or if you lose your computer or whatever. So you've got your travel documents and your passport and insurance and all of those things that you may need.

A little tip is to wear a wedding ring. It sounds weird, but if you don't want that much attention when I was out to travel, it was actually for myself. I wanted to find myself and explore the world and I wanted to see beautiful places and I read books and took photography and focused more on myself and to meet other people. Of course, I met people that I am so happy that I met, but that wasn't the main focus when I traveled. So to have a fake wedding ring or an engagement ring is actually a good tip because you don't get unwanted attention. Unless you go out to find a partner. They don't do it for girls or guys if you like yen, shaving and stuff.

And the showers at hostels, not so nice, pretty disgusting. So if you want to spend less time in those showers, I would recommend waxing everything you want to wax before you leave.

At least the first month, you don't have to spend a lot of time in the shower shaving, you don't need to worry about that.

So just a little tip.

Also, you probably want to listen to music when you go out. Please have one of the earplugs out or have the music close, you can actually pay attention to what's happening around you. If you're in a country or a neighborhood that is pretty dangerous, sketchy, you should be alert. What's happening around you, a tip if you're going home from somewhere when it's late, is to take a photo of the cat number before you get in the cab to track the cab on Google Maps to see if you're heading in the right direction.

And third, to pretend like you're calling someone and tell them I'm going to be there soon see you in a bit. Or actually do that just to let the taxi driver know that someone's going to meet you there and guys saying no. If you don't want something if someone offers to carry your bags or and they have room for you or whatever you feel it's kind of something is off about it. Don't say yes, because you're shy or you don't know how to say no, just say no, it's totally fine and don't care about, you're never going to see that person.

Again, I believe you should always try to see the nice side of people when you're out, especially when traveling so you get new friends. They can actually meet people that can take you different places and teach your stuff that you didn't know about the country. That's the most amazing thing about traveling. But always be alert.

Every last tip is to have fun and enjoy and look around and just appreciate the fact that you are able to travel that you have the opportunity to go and travel very few people actually have that opportunity.

So if you can travel the world, be grateful for that and take that opportunity and do it see different countries and try new food and meet people and find yourself on the way always sounds cheesy. I know you probably have one of those friends that was out traveling and come back are completely spiritual or changed or, but there's something to it you. You learn new stuff and you figure out that every single person on earth isn't like the people in your city and in your accountant That's amazing. You can bring some of that stuff with you home and enrich your life and make it better.

So I hope you can share with me your experiences. Please tell me where you have been or where you want to go. That will make me very happy.