Top 10 Gift Ideas For Female Travelers

Today I'll be giving you guys a little list of my top 10 recommendations for those travelers in your life who you need to buy presents for.

Gift Ideas For Female Travelers

I have 10 different recommendations for you guys.

So let's just get right into it.

1. Bracelet

First up is one of my most favorite and unique discoveries and I think this one is so special.

This is the wanderer bracelets and it is this customizable bracelet you can get that is handmade in Bali. That you can get your initials and your friend or your partner's initials on as well. It symbolizes that your paths have crossed.

And I think it is just the cutest, most personalized gift you can give someone who's really special to you. They don't only just have the paths crossing bracelet, they also have one that they can put the location, the coordinates of where you first met, which I think is so special. It's really cool. It has a drawstring you can choose what color you want the bracelets thread to be. And best of all this bracelet is this great cooperatives that gives jobs to people in Bali, they can make these bracelets from home, which means they are able to spend time with their loved ones.

And it is just one of those companies. That's one of those feel good ethical companies. And the fact that this bracelet is so charming and really personalized. I think that's why it's definitely number one on my list.

2. Vintage Travel Poster

Number two is kind of a big one. It is a vintage travel poster. Yes, it's cute. You can also get them a smaller size like this, but no matter what you choose vintage travel posters are a great way to give your traveler friend a gift that they can make their home into their own little travel sanctuary, I guess.

So I love decorating my house with things for my adventures. So this fun little poster is great. There's so many different ones for every major city in the world. I found this one on Amazon.

3. Mini Cosmetic

Next up is trial size beauty products. Now there's a lot of different things I could show you guys. But basically just going into your local Ulta or Sephora and going straight for that section where it's just like mini sized things. Oh my god, I would love to get just a couple of things from there. Because when you're traveling you want to get travel size things and also be able to try out new products. So just shop around and find a couple of things.

I mean, you could get like a Smashbox EYEshadow thing. I thought this one was great because it has like three different main colors that I use so it's nice and portable.

A travel size brush this one was from Sephora and it really just does so much it could be for contour for blush for highlight for foundation even so something so small that is so versatile is good.

Also like I said, like little makeup sampler thing so this like lancome primer for your eyelashes came with three other mascara type things and I thought this was just so cool that it comes in a little kit and it's something I definitely wouldn't buy for myself so we'll travel and stuff.

Also this wet brush. I love what brushes because there's so much better for your hair when you're just getting out of the shower. This one's travel size so I can just throw it in my bag and it gets rid of all my tangles without causing any damage.

4. Portable Charger

So number four is what I've been seeing in a lot of other travel gift suggestions and it's because it is a good one. The portable charger. This is one I got for a Christmas gift last year. You just charge this up on its own.

And then you bring in USB, and you can charge your phone or your camera batteries or whatever anywhere you want. This one is from power core power core Mini. And there's a lot of other ones out there that can hold stuff for an even longer time and you can plug in more things of time, but this one just does the job. Good for an extra cell phone charge, especially when you're on the airplane and your phone's dying and you know, you need to get a lift when you land.

So this is perfect for those emergency moments where you just need a little bit of charge.

5. Gift Cards

It is another general category but gift cards, especially gift cards to places like Airbnb. My friend Jimmy banks mentioned hotels website, which I thought was extremely useful. Southwest, anything travel related also Starbucks.

Now one of the classic ways I've heard to save money for travel is do not buy coffee out, okay? They always say save that money and You could be surprised by how much you have left for traveling. So for that reason, I don't go to Starbucks a lot. So getting Starbucks gift cards is definitely a treat for me. And it's not something I would normally get for myself but having a gift card with the money that they're giving me it's like, I'm able to spend that on myself.

So the nice little touch or any sort of, like I said, travel gift cards, there's stuff for everything nowadays. So that's also a nice little thing to do.

6. Sunglass

Now sunglasses are so important when you're traveling, I've learn the importance of investing in a good pair which I never did before.

I always just buy cheap stuff from Forever 21 but having like a nice proper pair of sunglasses, you just take much better care of them. They're better for your eyes, and better for those Instagram photos. They are a little bit pricier and maybe I got these ones for like 131 or the wayfair design or something like that.

I feel like buying nice sunglasses for me. And something I would normally do for myself.

Getting them as a gift is definitely nice because I mean they're just quality they last forever and this would be a great gift for someone who's really, really important to you.

7. Sarong

Now, sarong are one of my favorite things to get when I'm traveling because they are so versatile. So this one is what I got in Brazil of the Brazilian flag, there's a lot more cuter ones out there that serve the purpose I'm about to tell you.

Basically they can be used as a beach towel which is so functional, as well as a scarf, or even like a skirt or a dress.

These are so multifunctional and your friend will really appreciate it.

8. Camera Bag

This one is for your Instagram loving friends. We all have a friend who has a big DSLR and it's a great little thing to give them a nice camera bag to hold all of their equipment in.

Now this is something that is on my list this Christmas so I don't have one to show you guys. However, I'll leave a picture right over here of the one I want.

But basically anything that is kind of cute that they can just store a couple of lenses or DSLRs aren't too expensive and really can add a lot to their quality of traveling instead of having to throw their DSLR into their handbag or whatever. Having this nice bag, put stuff in and put some other things for your little day trip is really really nice.

9. Polaroid Camera

This one is the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera. And these are so so cute. This is actually my sister's and when we go on vacation, we love to take photos with it because they print out instantly.

I know some people who even they will take pictures of like kids they meet on the road, especially in more third world countries where maybe they don't get photos with them taking a lot Such a nice little thing if you could take a photo of you with someone and give it to them as like a little momento. So to have this camera and the traveler really does have a lot of purposes, and plus it just looks so cool.

So one of these cameras with maybe a starter pack of a couple of Polaroid films, things they can put inside is a really, really nice gift.

10. Travel Journal

This is for those travelers who love to write about their experiences. It's the I was here travel journal. This one is really cute, because it has all sorts of different prompts on it as like a little challenges like this one says at a local convenience store, purchase a toiletry brand that you did not recognize, start a collection of this particular item and search for more on future trips you take treat them as your souvenirs that's a super, super good tip.

I might make a whole article about that one, but they had like all these pictures of toothpaste. And is it for one day to shoot all photos from hip height without looking through the viewfinder. That'd be so good to like print out your Polaroids and put them in here. Anyway, this is just So cute. Like it's always different props.

I love this really nice gift, I would really appreciate seeing something like this.

Now there are plenty of gift ideas for the traveler in your life and I would love to hear some recommendations from you guys of what I can get my friends because I don't want to get them any of the things they just saw in this article.