How To Afford To Travel

Today I am going to show you how I can afford to travel so much.

How To Afford To Travel

And today we're gonna go over a question that I am asked constantly, probably more so than any other question. And that's how the hell do I afford to travel so much.

Now let's get into it. So people have been asking me a lot lately, because I've spent a lot of time in Europe, a lot of time in Southeast Asia. And lately, I've been on a road trip around the United States.

And people always want to know, how do I afford to do this?

Well, it's a combination of a ton of things.


So first of all these days, you can make money on YouTube. The income from YouTube has taken a while to get up there, but it's really starting to take off a bit. It's starting to help with my travels a bit more. I didn't start until about a year ago and it's really taken until up until this point to really get anywhere with it as far as earning money to travel, but that is the first way.


So it's AdSense from YouTube videos, it's basically the ads that play before, during and sometimes after the videos, YouTube gives you a cut of the revenue that they make off of those ads that play over your videos. So the creator gets a cut and YouTube gets a cut.

Amazon Affiliate

And the next thing kind of similar to that is affiliate links. So, for me, mostly, it's the Amazon affiliate program. So if you go down in the description below in the YouTube videos, you'll see a bunch of links from Amazon. And when somebody who views your YouTube video goes to your links to see your camera or see some of your travel gear and they go to Amazon and buy something. You get a very small commission of that at no cost to the viewer or the person who clicked the links. The best part about that is the viewer or the person who clicked the links, they can buy anything on Amazon, anything that's completely unrelated to your video, and to the link that they first clicked. Amazon just wants to give you back a little bit for sending them to Amazon to buy anything. I actually haven't checked it for several months, but it was consistently getting me around 20 to $50 for the last few months.


Okay, so the next thing is kind of a new thing. It's Patreon. Patreon is basically a website where your viewers can go to give a little back to you for creating free content. So for someone on YouTube, like me, people go to patreon and they and you can give $1 or $5 or something like that per month and in exchange the creator gives something back to the viewer. In my case it's postcards and Since I'm an artist, paintings, drawings, that kind of thing, but it can really be anything. So Patreon is just a nice little extra monthly income that you can get on top of those other ways.

Save Money

So the next thing is basically, saving money is like making money. I travel on a very strict budget, and I don't spend that much money while I travel. People think that I'm just on this luxurious vacation all the time, but it's not like that i i like to do everything as cheap as I can so that I can travel longer. For me, it's not the expensive vacations that I really liked. Doing all the activities, staying in a luxury resort and those types of things. I like to live the lifestyle of travel and travel slowly and cheaply and meet people along the way by traveling on a budget. I'm able to stretch my dollar a lot further when a lot of people spend several thousand dollars in a week. To vacation. I spend the same amount over five or six months.


And one of the ways I do this is by using free services like couchsurfing. couchsurfing has been amazing. It's one of the best things that you can join. It's basically you stay with people for free. You stay on their couch. And in exchange, it's kind of a cultural exchange where you become friends with the person you share your culture, they share their culture and they give you a place to stay because they want to meet someone new someone from a different place. They want to make a new friend and it's just a nice thing to do.

Sometimes travelers will do it to give back because a traveler will stay on somebody else's couch and then when they get back home, they will in turn host other people and give a little bit back to the couchsurfing community. I've had amazing experiences with this. I've been doing it for a few years now I did all over Europe and had just great experiences and it saved Be a ton of money. That's not the main reason I do it for the money. Why I do this is because I love meeting new people. But if you're traveling on a budget, it is definitely a great thing to save you time so you don't have to buy. So you don't have to stay at hostels and hotels and pay for those every single night.

Trusted Housesitters

And along those lines of couchsurfing is trusted house sitters. This is basically a website where you have to sit for somebody usually it's to take care of their pets or something like that while they're traveling. And this will just be great if something like couchsurfing isn't your thing because you don't want to stay with other people. If you would like to have your own place still as if you were in a hotel. Trusted house sitters are great because you get the place to yourself. Now this one does cost a little bit to join, I believe it's around $100 to join.

Do Your Reasearch
Okay, and the next thing is just to do your research. Do your research on the places that you're going, the countries how they work on flights. If you do your research on flights ahead of time, you can definitely save a lot of money.

Book Ahead

If you book hotels and hostels ahead of time, you can also save money. I like to travel in the offseason or the shoulder season because everything is cheaper flights, hotels, everything.

So if you can swing it don't travel during the summer months, travel during winter or fall. And don't travel around the holidays because that's when it spikes up again.

Make Money Own Hours

The main thing that I've done for the last couple years before I was doing YouTube, is I would get a job where I can make my own hours.

So this has been easy in a place like San Francisco where there's constantly new startups, new businesses starting all the time, and you can easily join them because they need people. It's the companies like Uber, doordash, instacart those types of companies, if you join them, which is usually pretty easy to apply, you just work 10 hours, 11 to 12 hour days, and just work constantly for a few months.

If you work a ton for a few months, you'll be able to save enough money or that if you travel in a cheaper country, and your dollar is going really far already, you're going to be able to stay there longer.

So basically all work very hard for two to three months. And then from those savings, I'll be able to travel in a cheap country for five or six months, sometimes even longer.

So that's really it between doing my research and getting cheap flights, making a little bit of money on the road through YouTube and different things along those lines by traveling on a budget and staying places for free. I've been able to travel cheaply all over the world. Is there anything that I didn't mention that you've done to travel cheaper?