How To Choose Backpack

Today I want to help you pick out your travel backpack. So for me picking out a backpack has always been a lot of fun. I like to spend countless hours researching, looking online, going to all the stores and just trying out all of these backpacks.

How To Choose Backpack

But I'm kind of weird that way. And so I'm here to help you. I'm going to tell you the different things that you want to look for in a travel backpack.

And then I'm going to show you my three favorites after five years of backpacking.

So glad you're here with me during this really exciting part for you to travel, because I want to help you out with this.

Alright, so the main things that you want to think about are size, features, price, comfort, security and quality.

So I'm going to go over that in these three bags, these three bags that I love so much, and let's do it.

Which things you should check before buying a travel bag


This is the main thing as a backpacker, you're going to want something that's comfortable on your back, something that you can carry around with you for extended periods of time. But also you want to be able to carry it on to the airplane. So typically, you're going to want something around 40 liters to carry on where they won't ask any questions. This is the nomadic bag like this is 40 liters Exactly. This one is the motherlode and this one is actually 45 plus 10, or 15. So what that means is, you can unzip this and expand it to add more leaders so that way you have a smaller bag when you're going to get on the flights and you need to carry on but then if you get extra souvenirs or you really pack your bag, by the time you're going to go home, then you can just unzip that and make it bigger. All my bags that my travel gear is going to be linked below if you want to check any of that out. So then this Red Wing 5050 is about as big as I want to go. If I want to try to carry a bag on.

Extra Features (Bonus)

So next is the extra featured. So this is just the extra bells and whistles that might be on some of these bags. Not all of them are going to have it. Some of them are very basic, but things like this, like the nomadic here has a shoe compartment at the bottom, which is one of my favorite parts of this bag. So you open it up and you can put your shoes in there to keep them separate from your clothes. And then this one has the zipper where you can expand it and get more out of it. The back is also very comfortable. It has this mesh padding and everything. So just these extra features that you want to look out for.


Alright, so the next really important thing is the comfort of the bag. You want it to be comfortable. And you don't just want it to be comfortable wallets on your back. I mean that's a given, but also for getting things out and putting things in. So the backpacks that I always get are always front loading.

So that means that you don't Just open it up from the top, like most backpacks 99% of backpacks will be this way where you have to open it just from the top and you have to reach down and grab your stuff at the bottom, you pull everything out, put it all over the room and that just, I will never do that. Again, I will only travel with a front loading backpack, which means it opens fully or almost fully like a suitcase. And that just makes everything easier. It makes your travel way more comfortable. And obviously the second part is how comfortable it is on your back. So the coat the Red Wing here, as you can see, has amazing comfort at the back. So you have all of this padding you have this mesh so the air can pass through behind in your sweat everywhere. And you'll see in these other bags that they don't have all that emotional padding so it's not as comfortable in the back. It's just like a school backpack might be but that's totally fine for most people. I actually travel with this nomadic now and it's totally If you want your bag to be comfortable enough so you can have it on your back while you're going through the airport and you're just dying to take it off your back. Some people I see get a huge bag that's way too heavy, or they just don't get the right bag for their body and they take it off every second that they get and that's just very annoying and that doesn't lead to a comfortable travel experience.


Alright security, this is not a huge thing but it's a nice added bonus if you get some of this for peace of mind. So for the nomadic, I love this feature. If you open this pocket here, you have an RFID safe pocket so you can put your credit cards in there and they'll be safe. I put my credit cards in here I put my passport in here I put all of my documents and things in here and then you can lock it up with these two zippers here. Or you have a bag like this mother lode where if you look close here, it has these heavy duty zippers and you can put a lock through all of these zippers, another secure part of this nomadic bag is that see, you actually wear it like this, and you can open it up from the back, you don't open it up from front or from the sides. So it can't be opened by other people while you're walking around, you have to actually take it off to get to the back.


Alright, next is quality. Quality is kind of obvious. You want to have good materials, you might have waterproof materials, like this bag. And heavy duty zippers like this. This one, the Red Wing, it's by kelty which is a known brand they've been known and tested for years. And this whole thing is just really good quality, especially look at the back here, all the materials they use in that. So you just want to make sure that your bag isn't gonna fall apart. And if you spend less than say around hundred dollars on a bag. If you get the $50, the $30 ones, they're probably gonna break on you at some point.


All right, one thing I forgot to mention is style. Of course, this shouldn't matter too much to most of you, but a sleek design, minimal design is nice. It's just nice to have. So you don't have all of these straps and all these things coming off. And if you could get something that's black or gray or brown or something that's not going to stand out so much. If you get a red or a neon yellow bag, you stand out a lot as a tourist. If you wear something like this, you look more like you're just wearing a backpack and so your bag isn't gonna be targeted so much, especially when you put it at the bottom of buses. And you just have a bag that doesn't stand out from the crowd, it's less likely to get stolen. Not that's really a problem that does happen. It's never happened to me, but I do use bags that don't stand out.


So all right price is self explanatory. I mean, you don't want something that's going to cost a ton. But there is kind of a minimum, like I just said, you don't want to go below $100 for a backpack, or you're probably gonna need to get a new one soon. This mother lode right now it's around $100 it's usually somewhere around 100. So that's a pretty good price point kelty redwing. This is typically around 150, which is probably the average for backpacks like this. But this is a really great bag and this one is my favorite of all bags that I've ever had.

Alright, so those are the seven things that you want to check out when you're looking for a backpack.