How To Setup Travel Bullet Journal

Today I'm going to show you how to set up your travel bullet journal. This setup is awesome for your travel experience.

Setup Travel Bullet Journal

And you see, I thought I would do something different for the new video. And I thought why not use my bullet journal for traveling.

And I'm going on holiday in a couple of weeks to London precisely.

And I thought why not use my bullet journal to write everything down. So I don't have to pack loads of planners and individual things and just have everything in one place.

Even though I know I'll be one of those people who has brought multiple planners within a day. Although for now, I just have the bullet journal, and the traveler's notebook probably.

So, first, I'm doing the front page. And I used the outline of London. Like, I googled, I googled, what was the outline of London, so I thought, okay, we're going to use this as my phone page, and just write down London vacation. As you can see, I just had to write it down quite a false to see if it was writing right.

I thought it was going to be a bit just a simple, simple front page. And I used my boo Joe's a lot for that spread. And I picked. I did write a bit before with my pencil just to see how it would look. But I think I did it for two pages and then stopped it because it was really annoying. And I just couldn't do it. And I thought I would just do, like, go with the flow and see how it would look as the second page for the traveling pages. I did a budget plan.

Because I think for me, it's precisely for me to have to look at based on the book I still have money for Christmas and stuff, and about on the side, but I don't want to go willy nilly and just throw my money around for stuff I don't really need. So I thought I would make a butcher plan like how much money I need overall for the whole vacation. And then I wanted to categorize these individual, for traveler for expenses for the hotel for my flights, and the Oyster card that I'm going to get and the transportation from the airport to the app, from the airport to the hotel and back and how much money I have for shopping for food is a bit like having a bit more money on the side. So in case of an emergency, like, I see a wonderful pretty close I really want to have. So that would be the emergency I would go for. If I don't have any more shopping money left. I would go to the emergency pool and get money from that.

And sightseeing is something where you have the budget. You don't have to do this. If you think or if you say that's my holiday, I don't want to look for money. I don't want to look at how much money I've got. And just to be best on the safe side, and don't have that stepped in the end. So as the next page I wanted to do because I thought it would look good right next to the budget page. Sorry, my words are just completely jumbled up today.

And I wanted to do a shopping page with a store that I wanted to be there and stores what noise I'm going to buy.

For now, the only nice store I know of is I will definitely get stuff from Bleach London, the makeup range, they've got makeup and have full force and they've got a hair salon where you can get your hair dyed and hair cost. But for now, I really just want loads of the makeup range.

So that's the first thing On a shopping list, and the next two pages actually will be my flight information. And on the next page is going to be the hotel information.

First, I thought I was going to put all that information or one page, but then in the end, I decided on two pages because I want a bit of space and not everything crammed up on one page. And yeah, on the flight information there will be whereas at the airport, how soon How much time do I have to get there?

How much time do I need to bring before I can board and stuff like that?

When the flights got when, when the flights do?

flight into information and what else? What else do we need? A lot of things, the transportation, how to get from the airport to the hotel and stuff like that. And for the hotel information, I'm going to write down where the hotel is checking checkout time.

How many days I'm going to I'm going to be saying that and so on. So on all the important stuff that you need. And things don't just want to sometimes don't remember everything you've read. And then you have to look through your phone or if you're booking information and see Oh my god, where is it relative and there, you've got everything in your booking journal. In your bullet journal.

The next two pages will be my packing list, which is going to be categorized into luggage and handbag I don't have that much under categorize things for now, like I only have in my luggage, electronics, and no toiletries, and cloth, and for my hand back papers and electronics and stuff like that, as you can see myself and doodling.

I think the luggage Dumbo is bad. I'm not really sure about the handbag. But I just thought in the end, it looked very pretty to have a couple of doodles there. And that's how you learn doodling. Just do it.

So now I'm writing down the logo. And I'm going to write down everything that I think I need and just everything I want to pack. So in the end when I fly home, I can see okay, I packed this stuff. And then you see and then you check everything when you pack everything back into your luggage at the hotel. Oh my god. No, you can check and see. Do you have everything? Is there something missing? And yeah, I don't intend I don't intend to bring a lot with me because I want to buy a lot and bring a lot back so that's what I don't think there will be much on the package.

Now. The next page is going to be done before and it's going to be together. Do before the London page and I'm going to write everything down that I need to do before I go to the airport. I get most of the pack everything which is I mean of course you have to bring stuff with you. And like your flight tickets, your booking information, your booking that from the hotel you print it out. And just stuff. Just stuff you want to do before going on holiday or maybe go to the hairdresser or do your nails something like that just off the indoor you need to do before that.

Okay, the next thing is going to be things to do in London are things to see. And yes, now I'm just going to write down what I want to see. And Where'd you find it?

I've been to London a couple of times before, and it's still my favorite city to this day. And I don't think that this would ever change, and I will always love it. But there's still nothing I haven't seen so there are a couple of things that I want to visit.

I want to go back to the National Museum to the National Library. I think I'm gonna go to the British Museum and oh my god, like I said, my language is just bubbled up.

And the last two pages are going to be the days that go to be there and just planned out. Like the things that I know now I'm going to just plan them out there and just have a bit of memory planning in the end.

Or if I don't know, like, I'm not really showing what I'm going to do on Monday and that week, so maybe I'll just in the evening, just sit down and write everything down just like a memory, climate. I don't know.

In the end, I will definitely know I'm going to put up a picture of pictures in my bullet journals. And yeah, that's it. For now. That's the treble, paws, treble, treble, treble pages of my bullet journal. If you have any more pages, huge things.

I hope you like how to setup travel bullet journal.