Tips Before You Travel By Bus

Probably by bus is one of the cheapest ways to get around. Now how can you ensure that you are safe and comfortable during those trips? I'll teach you all that in today.

Tips Before You Travel By Bus

Hello guys, Today we're talking all about traveling by bus, a very unique form of transportation that for some reason, many people feel very intimidated about so before we get started, I'd like to remind you guys to please read carefully. It's free for you and uses the world for me so if I make you smile or make you want to travel or teach you something new in today's article, consider reading the full article.

If you are planning to travel by bus, here are some tips that you should definitely read carefully. All these tips I have learned from my experience and I am sharing the same with you.

Today I have eight tips.

1. Keep An Eye On Your Belonging

Let's start off with number one. Keep an eye on your belongings. It is very easy to get robbed when you're on a bus because it's stuck and goes, it's easy for someone to hop on some low life, take your bag and then get off that I stopped, and you had no idea.

So keep your bag near you connected to even if you could at all times, maybe wrap your backpack around your ankle, something like that, or store it below the bus. That way, you don't have to worry about getting stolen.

2. Bring Snacks

number two bring snacks. Some buses are very sophisticated and have kind of like flight attendants on there that serve you food. But that is very rare. I've only seen it a few times in South America, and not really anywhere else. Oh, a couple times in Mexico actually. But don't count on that.

Okay, bring snacks that you're going to enjoy. Because maybe this bus isn't gonna stop at all on the way to your destination. You don't want to be hungry, bring something you'll love, bring you some water and make it kind of an enjoyable experience. You know, there's no limit to the sizes of things you can bring. TSA isn't going to stop you. So bring whatever you want.

3. Bring An Eye Mask And Earplugs

Number three, bring an eye mask and earplugs. It can be very loud on the bus people are talking.

If you want to get some shut eye it's important that you don't hear all that I don't know about you guys. I can't sleep when people are talking and also an eye mask because sometimes the lights will be on while the bus is going. So you want to make sure you get some shuteye.

4. Wear Layers

Number four wear layers, some buses or freakishly cold I will never forget the most miserable experience. It was like a 12 hour bus ride and chalet and I didn't break food. So I was starving. And I was shivering to death on that bus. Just thinking when is this thing going to stop? When can I get off because I'm so cold the IRS was just on blast so we're layers Don't be like me. learn from my mistakes.

5. Wifi

Number five connects to WiFi and gets some work done. A lot of buses these days including Greyhound in the USA have Wi Fi which I think is phenomenal. no extra cost usually. So you can connect your devices. Also look for those little plugs in the bus. Bring your charger with you in your back so you can keep your phone charged. A lot of buses have plugs these days.

6. Splurge For First Class

Number six splurge for first class. Unlike flying on an airplane, first class isn't completely unattainable. Like in Chile, for example, it was just maybe like 10 or 20 bucks more, and it was worth it because the seats go all the way back and you're able to relax and there's like a movie playing and like, they call you sir or madam and it's just like, you feel like somebody you feel important. So it's kind of worth it. If you're doing especially an overnight trip, or you want to be comfortable. You had like these nice armrests, and like extra cup holders, it was luxurious, so feel free to splurge on that.

7. Sit Middle Of The Bus

Number seven sit in the middle of the bus in the back and the front is a lot more Rocky. In the middle. It's the perfect medium. And speaking of which, it's actually safer to sit in the middle of a bus because if you get in an accident, it's less likely you're gonna die.

8. Go To The Bathroom Before Boarding The Bus

And lastly, number eight go to the bathroom before boarding the bus. Another mistake I've made time and time again, it is common for buses to have bathrooms that are either disgusting, questionable, or just completely don't work. So I don't know about you. I don't want to use the best bathroom. And if I did, it might not even work. So use the bathroom ahead of time so you avoid the water.

Bonus Tip

You should keep a camera with you so that you do not get bored while traveling by bus, because when you see a beautiful view outside the bus, you can capture it and store it.

In addition, you should keep a travel notebook in which you can record your personal experience such as what you see, what you did during the trip and what your next plans are.

Also during the trip you can meet different people and also make friends which will grow your network.

Those are our tips.

If you want to travel by bus, you feel a little worried and need to be careful. But traveling by bus is an opportunity to enjoy nature and relax.

The bus is a great travel option at a low cost. If you want to travel at low cost then this option is right for you. I happily travel by bus and follow the tips above which makes my experience even better. So follow these tips and make your journey happy.

Hope you guys liked it so long, travel well and make the world your neighborhood.