Tips For New Travelers

Today we're gonna go over some tips for new travelers.

Tips For New Travelers

So this is for anybody who hasn't traveled yet, but you're about to start. Or maybe you've only traveled to one or two places, maybe when you were younger, and you want to get into traveling more.

So I'm just going to go over a few things off the top of my head.

So the first thing is do your research, but leave things open. You want to research where you're going, how long you should go, the costs, the food, the culture, everything about the place, but you don't want to research too much. You want to leave something open to discover. If you spend all your time researching and you find out everything there is to know about the place then it's a little less appealing once you get there.

You want to get there knowing enough, but you want to be able to find new things. learn new things when you're there that you really didn't know until you get there. Don't listen to what your parents say. Do Listen to season travelers, your parents have good intentions, they want to keep you safe. They want you probably to go to the safest places that you can if you're traveling sometimes that takes out some of the adventure, some of the experience some of the things that you really want to discover out there that not everyone has discovered yet what you should do instead of listening to them, telling you that some places are more dangerous than others that you should go here, not there. Instead, go to YouTube, go to the travel vloggers that have been to many places.

Most of the time you'll find that season travelers don't think the world is as dangerous of a place as people that don't travel that often. The more I travel the more I see this, the more I think this myself and I have had no troubles traveling all over the world, have an open mind and try new things. This comes to meeting new people and trying new foods. I was always a really picky eater when I was growing up and it took me a little bit of traveling to kind of get out of that. And they were like fish or any type of seafood. But when I travel, I really want to try the local dishes and a lot of times seafood that's a part of it.

So I've grown to be okay with seafood. I still don't really like it. But, but I'm getting there. You don't want to miss out on some of the best dishes because you've the same goes for street food. People at home might tell you that street food is dangerous and that you're going to get sick from it. But a lot of countries that you go to street food is a big part of their culture and their cuisine and you need to try it have an open mind when it comes to different cultures what they where you want to be a part of it if you can, you know, it's better to be a part of it and live like locals do talk to the locals instead of just being a tourist, doing the touristy things.

If you have Facebook, which I'm guessing you do. You should join travel groups. These are free, go to facebook and join all join groups about travel, if you know where you're going, look up that country, see if there's specific ones to that. But just general travel groups where you can meet like minded travelers or people that haven't traveled yet, and you can ask any questions there.

You can get some inspiration there, get some help maybe even meet some travel buddies, you can travel solo, and you should, if you're really wanting to travel, and you have nobody that can go with you, or somebody just opted out at the last minute, they said that they would go with you, you can still do it, and you should.

Solo travel is some of the best travel that I've ever done. You learn a lot that way you grow, you meet a lot more people when you're traveling solo before you go anywhere new, where they speak a different language, you should learn the basics of that language. At least learn Hello, goodbye. Thank you. You're welcome. Bathroom beer, and maybe left and right. It won't take you long. You can even write these things down. But if you go over it for a few days before your trip, you'll probably learn these things. And it can really help you get by and the locals really appreciate it.

The next thing is the pack light, it makes the trip much easier if you pack light, you really don't need a lot of stuff when you travel. And if you have extra space in your bag, that's where you can put your souvenirs and maybe new clothing that you bought while you were there. If you're backpacking, you don't want all that weight on you. And even if you have a suitcase you don't want to have a huge suitcase. I always pack just to carry on size no matter how long I'm traveling, whether it's for a month or a year, I still have the same 40 to 50 liter pack.

The next thing is get inspiration from YouTubers, like myself from travel bloggers from Instagram, you can really get some inspiration and see where you want to go from places like Instagram.

The next thing Know what to pack by watching packing videos on YouTube. I have a few you can watch. But there are a ton out there. And packing is kind of an art and you learn it as you go along. Learn from the people who have done it already before you know that you can travel with a little bit of money. You can travel on a budget, no matter where you are. You just have to do the research. You can travel to a cheaper country where you can travel on a budget, or there are always budget options for food accommodation for everything. They're also free options these days.

You can get apps and go to websites where there's free accommodation like couchsurfing trusted house sitters you can get cheaper deals with Airbnb travel for as long as you can. I have never met a person while I was traveling that said that they had too much time and they wanted to go back early. Everyone just seems to always wish they had more time or they add more time and they just don't go back home after a couple months and they have Traveling a year or two years. So if you think a couple weeks will be too long and you'll miss home or a month will be too long.

Think again, most likely, you're going to want more time there. So try to extend your trip as much as you think you can, based on your budget pick somewhere completely different from where you grew up. So I see a lot of times I have friends that have never traveled anywhere, and they want to travel outside of the country, like Australia or England for the first time. Those are both English speaking countries. So the people are very similar. I understand that it's a little bit easier, possibly because there's no language barrier to travel to those places for your first time.

But I think you should have more of an adventure and more of an experience. And even if it's your first time traveling somewhere new somewhere completely different.

Traveling is safer than people think. For a lot of people that haven't traveled much they think beware of pickpockets. You hear the negative stuff you hear about the terrorist attacks, you hear about pickpockets. You hear about muggings and those types of things. But I have seen and I have witnessed and I've met a lot of people, and those things are really rare.

They're just things that make the news and things that people who love you warn you about, but they really don't happen that often.